IAAC Services has working experience with the following types of equipment

Form/Fill/Seal equipment:

> Gable Top filling machines - (Tetra Rex, Cherry Burrell, Evergreen, Liquipak, Galdi)

> Portion Pack filling machines - (Tetra Brik, Tetra Classic, Tetrahedron)

> Vertical fill bag/pouch machines

Package Distribution/Package Handling equipment:

> Conveyor control
> Package Accumulators
> Straw Applicators
> Closure Applicators
>Tray Packers
> Casers
> Crate Handling- Crate Packers, Crate Stackers, 
    Crate De-Stackers and Crate Washers
> Film Wrappers (shrink and stretch film wrappers)
> Inkjet Coders (Videojet, Lynx)
> Label Applicators
> Hot Melt Applicators
> Elevators
> Palletizers
> Pallet wrappers

Process equipment:

> Liquid product storage and pumping
> Liquid product processing and treatment equipment
> Heating and cooling controls
> Ingredient mixing equipment
> Dough mixing, extruding and rolling equipment
> Additive mixing and application equipment

Other equipment:

> Self-contained cleaning in place (SCU3, SCU4, SCU5) units
> Sanitizing units (FSU)
> Pre-fill dosing equipment